Meet Eric Helms

Eric Helms had everything that most young men dream of… a girlfriend, a fast car, a good job, a huge bodybuilding career and money in his pocket. What no one knew is that to achieve the growth needed to maintain muscle mass for bodybuilding he was full of illegal steroids. And to afford the steroids and the lifestyle that went with his image he was selling drugs. A self professed thug, Eric didn’t care who he ran over to achieve his goals. He was empty and searching for something to fill the void. Jesus radically changed his life more than 26 years ago. Eric is an ordained minister of the Gospel and a full time missionary to Students.

Eric, his wife Michele and their 5 children (and soon-to-be daughter in law)make their home in Woodstock, Georgia where they attend First Baptist Woodstock. Eric travels to many locations sharing the life changing message of Jesus Christ. He does this through a variety of topics including his own radical testimony. He wants others to understand how much the Savior loves them and desires a personal relationship with them.